News: p&mm proudly sponsor Paralympic Fencer Gabi Down

Gabi Down14 year old Gabi Down, from Milton Keynes, is tipped for the top in her chosen sport of wheelchair fencing.

Currently ranked No 1 female in the UK she has already represented Great Britain at last summers’ Paralympic games in London. Here she narrowly missed out, having beaten the world no 1 during the quarter final matches of the team event. Now she has her sights set firmly on achieving great things in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Here at p&mm we believe that Gabi showcases all manner of personal traits that employers would love to see grow within every member of staff in their team. We can see that the dedication and commitment to achieving great things is something that is as important to this 14 year old as it should be for employers across the UK, which is why we’re proud to support Gabi on her road to Rio 2016.

We thought we’d catch up with Gabi to see what makes this ordinary teenager strive for the extraordinary…


What made you get into wheelchair fencing?

“I went to a sports camp at Stoke Mandiville. It was a muti-sports camp for children between 11-18. As soon as I got there I was eager to try out many different sports. I tried out wheelchair fencing and the performance manager, Justine Willmott, invited me along to a training weekend, so I went and really enjoyed myself, so I stuck with it.”

What does your daily routine look like in the build up to a competition?

“During the build up to a competition training will increase and get more intense during the last few weeks. Then during the last couple of days before each competition there will be no training at all,  so that my body is fresh for competition, and also so it allows me to have time to get ahead on school work!”

How do you keep motivated to train and study at the same time?

“I keep myself motivated by thinking of my dream job. I really want to be a PE teacher so that keeps me motivated with my school work as I know what grades I need to get. I love my sport so I find that is a motivation within itself.”

How does your coach get the very best out of you and the rest of the team?

“He works us all hard because he knows exactly what our goals are and what we want to achieve, so he continually works with us to help us reach them.”


Want to know more about Wheelchair fencing?

Take a look at this behind the scenes BBC school report where Gabi takes us through the basics of the sport…

Fencing school report

Follow Gabi’s progress on our news page >>



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