News: P&MM video guides kick start Employee Recognition and Channel Incentive programmes

Employee recognition videoP&MM has released a two part video guide to help organisations understand the best way to implement an employee recognition programme and a channel incentive programme.

The video guides, hosted by Kuljit Kaur, Reward and Recognition Specialist at P&MM, include:



John Sylvester, Director at P&MM, explains,

“Engagement is broadly about getting employees onside with organisational goals. Motivation, on the other hand, sits on a solid foundation of engagement and is about firing up employees to achieve specific goals such as sales targets or service levels. HR and Marketing professionals, alongside senior management, are increasingly recognising that they need to get to grips with workforce engagement as a discrete issue.”

An independent audit* found that organisations with a highly engaged workforce improved operating income by 19.2 per cent over 12 months, while those companies with low engagement scores saw operating income fall by 32.7 per cent over the same period. Sylvester adds,

“The truth is that performance management can still be improved. Programme administrators must be working with management to carry out basic performance management with employees – setting objectives, appraising progress, rewarding people for doing well and supporting people who need it. And these guides are great to that open discussion amongst management teams.”

Download our guide to reward and recognition

Reward and recognition guide

This guide will assist programme managers to develop a scheme that will improve the performance of your people, engage them and make best use of your available budget.

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