Under the spotlight: P&MM’s in house employee recognition scheme

Here at P&MM, we have been running our own in-house employee recognition programme for over ten years. Through a total of five programme themes, we have learnt a lot from our own employees and our award winning recognition programmes just keep on improving.

Here are 10 lessons we have learnt along the way through the development of our own programmes:


1. Peer to peer recognition works

It fosters a motivational environment  which boosts team morale. We included peer to peer nominations in our 2002 programme and have continued ever since.


2. Make it fun!

Our 2002 programme was more formal and business focused, based on our needs at that time. Our ensuing programmes came with the added element of fun, from employee events to dynamic website content to communications. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to engage.


3. Reinforce your company values

Our programmes drive our company values. All nominations are made against one of our values, driving awareness and encouraging employees to live the values.


4. Focus on what is important to your company

We introduced a prominent team element in our 2003 programme, which is a vital aspect of our company performance.


5. Aim for continual improvement

We keep our programmes sustainable by encouraging ongoing improvement, not just ‘one off’ performances.


6. Celebrate recognition!

Recognition means nothing if it isn’t celebrated. We hold monthly award celebrations to showcase recognition and our winners.


7. Involve employees in the process

We ask employees for continual feedback and use this to improve our programme. The programme is also managed by our employees with fresh development team selected annually.


8. Keep it current

Our present programme is updated regularly – from automatic recognition feeds to seasonal design and copy, updates and personalised e-cards. This enhances the user experience ensuring every time they log in the content has changed.


9. Personalisation increases engagement

Our 2011 programme allows users to upload a photo of themselves to appear in the live recognition feed. E-cards can be personalised with a choice of design and messages, making the recognition feel more personal.


10. Future proofing and continuous improvement

Finally, we are continually evolving our programmes to match our changing company needs and technological advancements. We are constantly on the look out for new ways to improve.



The evolution of employee recognition at P&MM


On A Mission LogoYear: 2002

Programme title: On a Mission


Customer service ratingNew employee recognition programme implemented:

  • To celebrate staff achievements
  • To raise the profile of the company values
  • Operated as a peer-to-peer nomination programme
  • Formal and business-focused
  • New customer satisfaction measurement and reporting implemented
  • Quarterly client surveys via telephone and post



Beat Your BestYear: 2003

Programme title: Beat your Best

Beat your best commsOur recognition programme was re-branded and new objectives introduced:

  • Continued to celebrate staff achievements
  • Continued to profile the company values
  • Continued as a peer-to-peer nomination programme
  • Introduced a highly prominent team element
  • Strong focus on continuous improvement (staff challenged to “beat” their previous standards – and rewarded for doing so)

Beat Your Best voted ‘Best Employee Recognition Programme’ at Motivation Awards 2004.




Up For ItYear: 2005

Programme title: Up for It


Up For It CommsOur recognition programme was re-branded and evolved further. We began to truly realise the value of our efforts:

  • Evolution of a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture
  • Constant light-hearted communication
  • Monthly award celebrations
  • Regular ad hoc activities
  • “Green” customer satisfaction ratings accepted as the norm
  • Anything less is addressed robustly

Up For It voted ‘Best Employee Recognition Programme’ at Motivation Awards 2006.




Smart RsYear: 2007

Programme title: Smart R’s

Smart Rs CommsRecognition programme re-branded to drive company values and have some fun!

  • Defining successful behaviours at P&MM through the company values
  • Most of all , Smart R’s was the staffs’ programme and a committee was created to drive it forward across the company
  • Monthly events – desk drops, sports day, hog roast, BBQs, quiz nights, charity events, cinema, bowling and more



Buzz logoYear: 2011

Programme Title: The Buzz

P&MM’s recognition programme was relaunched in 2011 to create a fresh look and feel to recognition internally, drive participation and awareness of our core competencies offering:

  • Buzz commsMore flexibility and choice of rewards
  • A user friendly, quick and fun programme
  • Dynamic content
  • Regular communications
  • Refreshed events chosen by the staff
  • Automated web updates show latest recognitions with photos of recipients
  • Seasonal banners updated monthly
  • Clear communications plan with company wide events all managed by staff committee

Which resulted in…

  • Over 60% participation within 2 weeks of launch
  • Over 100% of staff recognised month on month in first 3 months



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