Retail Employee Reward and Recognition

Reward and recognition schemes can enhance organisational performance and improve profitability within a retail environment.

Did you know that 85% of employees who feel meaningfully recognised will go that extra mile for the company? In a sector characterised by high staff turnover it is essential for retailers to capitalise on this and ensure that their workforce feels appreciated.


Money is not a long term motivator of people. We offer solutions that will help retailers get more from both their office based and shop floor employees, without the need for a pay increase:


Our programmes help retailers to improve retention, customer service, productivity and overall employee engagement.


Monsoon-logo Case Study: Monsoon Long Service Awards


Case Study: Virgin Active ‘Love Cheques’




Case Study: Scottish Gas ‘Golden Ticket’ incentive



Help me to recognise the efforts of our employees!

We would love to provide you with further examples of how our solutions help large organisations improve the way they recognise achievement.

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