Case Study: Scottish Gas


In the year of the customer for Scottish Gas the focus was on delivering premium customer service.

The objective of the Golden Ticket incentive was to reinforce the delivery of excellent customer service and to increase the quality of calls.


The Solution

The Golden Ticket was split into two sections:

The Golden Call focused on qualitative measures and The Golden League focussed on quantitative measures. The aim was to incentivise individual customer service agents, team and customer service group performance.

High impact prizes were awarded quarterly and a range of smaller prizes awarded weekly and monthly. These included a range of vouchers and merchandise, team activities, golden spot prizes, dream holidays and a place on a coveted end of incentive event.

TicketVisualTo raise the profile and keep the incentive fresh physical props were used throughout the programme.

These included:

  • Dream Holiday Boards
  • Vortex Dream Machine
  • Golden League Tombola
  • Golden Call Listening in Booths


The Golden Ticket provided a direct ‘what’s in it for me’ reinforcement to the ‘Year of the Customer’  initiative by rewarding 1874 prizes to 78% of the audience.

It provided a measurement structure that explains the elements of excellent customer service and shows how each agent can directly influence it.

673 (89%) staff actively participated in the incentive and the programme was named Best Customer Service Programme at the IPM Awards.


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