Peer recognition in a retail environment

If retailers fail to appropriately recognise their employees they will continue to suffer high staff churn resulting in poor customer service.

Peer Recognition In RetailDisengaged retail employees are a huge turn off for customers and often the attitudes displayed by front line staff come not from dissatisfaction with base pay, but from a feeling of being unappreciated.

Employee recognition schemes can prove a valuable and cost-effective means to improve employee engagement in an environment where good customer service can make the difference between hitting stretching sales targets and falling behind the competition.


Peer to Peer Recognition

A simple thank you from a colleague or manager goes a long way. But ensuring that both line managers and colleagues remember to regularly take the time to express their appreciation requires a more formalised approach.

Our online and offline peer to peer recognition schemes give employees a structured means to express their gratitude and a measurable return on the cost of their set up for the employer.


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Employee recognition: more effective than money

A good recognition programme will include awards and merchandise incentives, rather than simply cash bonuses.

Cash incentives could cost up to 6 times as much as non-cash incentives and provide similar results. Over time employees come to expect cash based commissions and as such, rather than recognising performance that goes above and beyond the norm, cash incentives lose their value.

P&MM create structured employee recognition programmes that can help you address all of these issues. Our schemes go further than you might expect, ensuring you get a return on your investment.

  • Full reporting and measurement
  • Branded off the shelf products
  • Fully bespoke programmes
  • Tactical promotional campaigns


The Benefits

A well thought out recognition scheme can help you to:

  • Reinforce employee actions to mirror company values
  • Promote your brand
  • Foster a sense of belonging and a recognition culture
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Empower line managers to award positive behaviour
  • Improve customer service levels – For every 1% increase in staff loyalty a 0.5% increase can be seen in customer loyalty (Study by Harvard Business School)
  • Create a more productive team
  • Reduce attrition

Recognition can help you to improve retention and morale by giving your employees a sense of belonging and a feeling of actively contributing to the success of a wider team.


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