Retailer Long Service Awards

Long service awards offer tangible value to retailers…

…they help you to recognise loyalty and retain valued staff, but the days of the carriage clock are long gone, and it’s important that you choose a long service gift that celebrates your employees’ individuality.

Our reward cheques allow complete flexibility, letting your staff choose a gift that holds real personal appeal, while our dedicated team handles your length of service calendar and all administration on your behalf.

From spa days to theatre tickets, from electronics to furniture, you set the parameters and price, and the recipient chooses their favourite option. Much more effective than a cash bonus that will soon get swallowed by regular expenses, our reward cheques can be redeemed at:



The real beauty of our long service awards is that they work on 2 levels: your staff feel recognised and appreciated, while you reap maximum benefits for minimum effort.


Make Long Service Awards Timely

Too many retailers wait too long before recognising long service. Recognise loyalty after just a couple of years and you’ll work wonders to the motivation and morale of staff who may be considering moving on.


Our Packages

Our database will automatically issue your long service award gifts on your predefined anniversary dates. You and your staff will receive:

  • long-service-award-presentation-packAward presentation pack
  • Personalised letter
  • Voucher Cheque to specified reward value
  • Certificate of congratulations
  • Optional customisation with alternative presentation items such as e-cards
  • Regular statement of awards issued and their values
  • Full awards diary management so you never miss a length of service anniversary


Rewarding long service with our Voucher Cheques couldn’t be easier, and with such a wide selection of products and experiences for the recipient to choose from, plus our great customer care, your management teams will be free to focus their valuable time on other essential business activities.


Help me to recognise the efforts of our employees!

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