What is RewardBanking?

RewardBanking is our online sales incentive toolkit that helps organisations achieve stretching targets through enticing rewards, ongoing management information and a spot of healthy competition between colleagues. It will help your organisation to:

  • Rewardbanking ScreenshotIncrease staff loyalty and retention
  • Build morale and motivate employees
  • Drive engagement
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity and performance

Rewardbanking is an online reward catalogue that uses a points currency (1pt = £0.01) to thank sales staff for their hard efforts. Sales = points, the more points you earn, the better the reward you can afford from our huge catalogue of  prizes (which can be fully customised to your programme of course).

Key Features

Choose from standard, customised or fully bespoke designs

rewardbanking designs

Help me motivate my sales team!

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