Incentive Communication

A structured communication plan can make the world of difference to the uptake of any incentive scheme. With regular, consistent and engaging communications your incentive is far more likely to make a significant impact to your business. By keeping your audience up to speed on large end-of-year incentives, as well as regular, smaller promotions, you can ensure that momentum is maintained throughout and you achieve the results you need.

After all, what’s the point in running an incentive that nobody has heard of?

Any incentive should answer 5 simple questions right from the outset to ensure the target audience know what they need to do and are motivated to do it:

Incentive Communications

Creating a communications plan

Create a communications plan right at the outset and work hard to stick to it. Every programme has a beginning, middle and an end (or continuous review). Creating a communications plan will allow for focus on each period in the programme’s life and create appropriate messages for the audience.

Programme review – take a temperature check on the programme at least once a year to monitor programme performance and adapt your communications as appropriate to drive success.

Data driven communications = relevant communications.


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