Rewarding performance

Establishing what reward will be most appreciated is vital. Getting the rewards offered right will drive desired behaviours. But how do you do this across such a diverse group of people?

Additionally, the reward structure must be appropriate; the right level of reward for the achievement. It has to be relevant and realistic.

Considering your reward structure

  • Create a clear plan of what you want people to do
  • Identify how hard it is to achieve this
  • Be clear on what  budget you have available (including allowance for BIK tax and NI contributions)
  • Communicate when awards will be available, ie end of each quarter, annually, etc
  • Make sure you know who you want to reward – it doesn’t always have to be the top performers

Which reward is right for me?

There are a number of rewards available to choose from, including:

A healthy mix of rewards is essential for maximum engagement.

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