Sales Data

Data is, in our opinion the core ingredient to making incentives work well.

Data can be used to drive engagement, performance and overall participation through creating relevant and compelling content. Analysing the data available when developing a reward programme ensures your efforts are put into the appropriate areas right from the start.

Data is…

Data is

Why is data so important?

  • Data driven content means relevant content. A programme must be understood quickly to maintain focus on the overall goal
  • It allows for real time information to be displayed. League tables and dashboards highlighting an individuals’ current position maintain motivation and drives healthy competition
  • It allows for relevant motivational messages to be presented. Thus driving performance, providing hints and tips and showcasing key performers

Whilst the data created is paramount to ensuring a programme can achieve its full potential to produce valuable information, you first must input the right data:

  • Ensure you have a unique identifier for each individual
  • Clearly assign targets to teams and individuals
  • Input results regularly and consistently to track performance

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