Staff incentives are essential, but should be carefully considered

Staff incentives essential2013 will see many organisations embracing alternative approaches to staff incentives. Gone are the days of simply waving a cheque in front of your teams’ eyes in order to achieve results, employers need to invest time, effort and budgets into strategic processes to conquer staff motivation and engagement issues through effective incentives.

The need for employers to forward think when it comes to staff incentives has never been greater. Being one step ahead of what employees need in order to feel engaged, valued and supported is key to achieving set business goals.


Top 12 trends for staff incentives in 2013

The ‘Workplace Trends Report’ by Sodexo highlights the 12 trends that employers can look out for in 2013. Here is a selection of the key incentive trends taken from the annual report, in order to help organisations build a long term, strategic and more effective incentive programme…


“More comprehensive approach to employee incentives and a stronger focus on corporate social responsibility”

Employers need to understand how an organisations culture and environment can impact on employee motivation and their willingness to achieve set goals. Devising a more succinct process for staff incentives which combines an organisations core values with their incentive offering can positively affect employee engagement levels alongside productivity.


“A new era of recognition, in which employees are connected to their organisation through a programme of planned involvement, rather than the simple carrot and stick approach”

Providing employees with a more structured approach to staff incentives, enables employers to easily monitor the effectiveness of their incentive programmes and gives both management and staff the opportunity to influence and develop the incentive and recognition process.


“Integration is THE solution”

Working cohesively is the only way companies will be able to devise and deliver effective staff incentives this year. To build a strong incentive and development foundation, which enables employees to develop and aspire for the future, requires careful consideration of your employees current needs, alongside the communication of company goals and overall vision.


For a full list of the Top 12 Incentive Trends for 2013 visit:–CSR,-Strategic-Recognition/


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