Staff motivation is a beautiful thing

beautiful motivationEnsuring that employees can develop skills and knowledge whilst delivering excellent customer service is essential for the hair and beauty industry. The importance of ensuring that those new to the industry feel engaged should not be underestimated as it will help improve staff motivation and retention.

Recent statistics from the GfK NOP International Employee Engagement Survey 2011 reveal that 2.4 million people aged below 30 regularly experience anxiety and tension at work, preventing them from feeling engaged. With a high proportion of workers in the hair and beauty industry aged between 16 and 24 how can employers in this sector engage these employees to nurture new talent?

Recognition and Reward improves staff motivation

Inspiring an employee’s interest at the onset of their training or career is vital. It is disadvantageous when time, resources and funds are invested to train a junior employee, only for them to become disengaged and either ineffective or leave. Therefore, on completion of training or for positive client feedback, an employer should recognise, commend and possibly reward this to boost motivation.

Communicating Goals

Clear goal and target setting creates a positive team atmosphere through helping staff feel that their actions are instrumental to the success of the team and, ultimately, the business. Highlighting the importance of both individual goals and shared targets promotes improved behaviour from the individual, as well as team collaboration.

The power of communication should not be underestimated. Through regular feedback to teams and individuals, employers can offer praise and constructive comment to improve business functions. Having the opportunity to offer their opinions helps employees feel valued.


Integrating a bonus structure helps drive good behaviour and may help new staff member’s progress training faster. Whilst rewards need to be cost-effective from a business perspective and flexible to appeal to varying tastes, they should also be memorable. Using vouchers as a reward option is popular for younger employees as they offer choice and freedom. They can either be used towards everyday living purposes or spent on treats and may make a substantial difference to those on a low salary.

From the employer’s perspective, vouchers are an economically viable route to maintaining motivation due to their simplicity to administer, meaning they provide an instant reward in varying denominations to suit any budget.

Personalised staff rewards help to create employee engagement, for example, thank yous and nominations presented as personalised printed greeting cards deliver a tailored message which help staff feel appreciated.

Practice what is preached

For salons to develop effective staff motivation programmes there needs to be a positive working environment in which senior employees are also engaged. A happy and team driven working atmosphere will improve employees’ productivity levels and also their loyalty towards the company. Investing in young staff today is an essential investment in the individual’s future, and also the success of the business.


John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.

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