Guest Blog: Staff motivation and the productivity formula

Improve ProductivityProductivity is the key to your business’s output – and luckily for you, there’s a formula. Forward-thinking employers are now taking exciting new approaches to management and office design, in pursuit of a productive workforce, and to great effect.

If your office productivity needs a long-awaited boost, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve got all the motivation tips you’ll need to transform your office and maximise productivity.


Optimise Your Office

Your office layout can be maximised to great effect in the pursuit of high employee productivity. By ensuring that yours is an office space designed for optimal output, you can guarantee that your employees are at their most motivated at all times.

Taking inspiration from the retail world, employers can strategically map the office environment to suit staff. Deliberately grouping employees who collaborate on projects regularly, and utilising open office arrangements allow your workforce to perform efficiently, with the office layout designed with your workforce in mind.

Take this one step further, and ensure that there’s an office space to suit any employee requirement. When your workers need to make important phone calls or work in quiet isolation, there should be a space designed for this particular need – and when the time comes for a break in the working day, it’s your responsibility, as an employer, to see that they have access to a break-out area that fits the bill. With the rise of flexible office spaces, more and more employers are now looking to innovative layouts to give their employees the productivity boost they need.


Empower Your Employees

empoweringEvery business owner’s greatest asset is their employees, which means you should be taking any necessary action to guarantee their job satisfaction – as this has a direct impact on their productivity. By helping your staff to manage their workloads as efficiently as possible, develop within their roles and maintain their health and happiness, you can guarantee maximum productivity across the board.

The work-life balance is integral to your employees’ job performance, and ultimately to their happiness at work. Ensuring that their workloads are manageable, and they feel able and encouraged to express any concerns is the key to keeping that balance in check. As an employer, you must recognise that all employees are different, and should therefore be considered on an individual basis. Another essential aspect of this is to identify where your employees are able to develop within and even beyond their roles – helping your workforce to become more productive, and your business along with it.


Recognise Your Resources

Technology also plays a vital role in the modern office, with many software solutions designed solely to improve office efficiency. By assessing which office technologies are out there, and how they could benefit your business, you’ll be able to streamline office procedures in the long term – and get more output for your input.

Where required, provide your employees with the necessary staff training to use these software solutions, as this will not only expand their working skill sets for the future, but also provide you with the in-house resources to maximise productivity.

Employee Motivation Guide


If you’re ready to learn the secrets of staff motivation, Eden Springs has written the book on it. In The Ultimate Employee Motivation Guide, employers and business owners can find everything they’ll ever need to transform their office into a hub of maximum productivity.

Whether you’re an employee on the hunt for motivation secrets, a HR representative looking for maximum employee satisfaction or a sales and marketing executive in pursuit of profits, this is the resource to take you there.




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