Developing a great channel incentives programme

Offering financial rewards, trips abroad and expensive prizes are regular ways to incentivise channel partners to meet, and exceed, sales targets and other related goals. However, with better management and benchmarking of channel incentive programmes, and in particular better tracking of results, many marketing and HR professionals are starting to reconsider short-term incentive programmes. Recently […]

Guest Blog: 15 things you can implement today to improve staff happiness

Employee happiness and wellbeing is at the forefront of employers’ concerns with many trying to find new ways to ensure their workforce is content. A happy workforce has the potential to be more productive, invested and efficient, therefore improving the business as a whole. Fortunately there are many ways in which to improve staff happiness, […]

What’s keeping HR professionals awake at night?

It’s 10 pm: you’ve survived the commute to and from work, meetings, emails, making dinner and perhaps done some exercise. You should be relaxing after your hectic day, but you can’t quite relax. Your mind is ticking over and reliving parts of your working day and you’re wondering what tomorrow will bring. It’s a situation […]

Cash is an ineffective long-term motivator (the wage debate)

As part of C&IT magazine’s debate on whether rising wages will intensify the battle for the best events talent, John Sylvester gives his views. “As the economy begins to recover employees have become more confident about looking for new career opportunities, in fact, one in three is actively looking right now, so encouraging staff to […]

Motivating Older Workers

By 2020 the state retirement age will have risen to 66 for men and women alike and the removal of the compulsory retirement age combined with increasing living costs means that people will struggle to live comfortably on their pensions. One in five workers do not expect to retire until they are over 70. Benefit […]

Reduce absenteeism… stay at home!

I read with interest the recent article on HR Review titled ‘Employers agree that staying away from the office reduces absenteeism’. With over 75% of managers believing that remote workers are more productive the once taboo term ‘working from home’ has now become a flexible, balanced and cost effective way of working. With companies now cottoning […]