Five Affordable Christmas Gifts For Employees

Christmas is the perfect time to show your employees some extra appreciation. The year is coming to a close, people are winding down for the holidays and, on a slightly less cheerful note, money is a little bit tighter, making a little something extra all the more appreciated. Ending the year on a positive note […]

Festive Period Planning: It’s Never Too Early

When do you start planning for the holidays? The week before? A few months in advance? Or do you start planning for next Christmas the moment this Christmas is over? We’re of the view that it’s never too early to start planning for the festive period – not for organisations trying to keep their employees […]

Making the most of your Christmas rewards

Christmas rewards are one of the year’s biggest opportunities for employers to say thank you to their employees, make the most of it.

Employee recognition isn’t just for Christmas

It’s that time again when the thoughts of employers turn to how best to show their appreciation to their workforce for their efforts throughout the year. And for employees, the end of year bonus is usually a delightful thing to receive. The Christmas bonus is a popular reward, and in many companies it’s become a […]

Why do employers choose Christmas incentive schemes?

While some redundancies and recruitment freezes are inevitable in business, it’s vital to manage these as effectively as possible. If staff are left feeling demoralised they may end up struggling to manage the all-important customer relationships that every business relies on. Despite the repercussions of the recession continuing to resonate across the UK, there is […]