Motivation in the digital workplace

The workplace is changing, and digital technologies are having more and more of an impact. Instead of communicating by email and phone, we’re using instant messaging and communication boards like Slack and conferencing applications such as Skype. Employees collaborate more and teams who are based in different locations can work together in real time. Businesses […]

Respect your employees

Leaders play a significant part in employee engagement. It is our leaders that enable the full potential of employees to shine, that empower them to make decisions and be innovative, and invest in the potential of their staff with mentoring, additional responsibility and training. And crucial to this is a leader showing respect for their […]

Employee engagement: sharing your ‘why’

Happy employees are engaged, motivated and productive, so it makes sense to ensure that your employees are happy and they give their very best at work. People don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it. Sharing your organisation’s purpose, why it does what it does, drives positive behaviour. In other words, if […]

Improving resilience in employees

In the last decade there has been a huge disruption in business caused by the recession. The need for organisations to reduce costs, focus on their core business and reorganise themselves so they can take advantage of the improving economy led to change, disruption and stress for employees. The recent EU referendum and the resulting […]

Interacting and engaging with your employees

To get the maximum impact from your employee incentive programme you need to interact and engage with your employees. There are two important ways to do this; the first one is through communication and the second way is through gamification.   Communicating your incentive programme I’ve previously written about how communicating your incentive programme effectively […]

Supporting your programme with communications

Communicating your incentive programme effectively is critical to ensure employee engagement and more importantly participation in your programme. Many organisations make the mistake of launching their incentive programme with a fanfare and fail to follow it up with regular, consistent and engaging communications. Regular and engaging communications will keep your audience up to speed on […]