Employee engagement: sharing your ‘why’

Happy employees are engaged, motivated and productive, so it makes sense to ensure that your employees are happy and they give their very best at work. People don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it. Sharing your organisation’s purpose, why it does what it does, drives positive behaviour. In other words, if […]

Closing the communications gap

Employee benefits communications are a crucial element to the participation in, and ultimately the success of an employee benefit programme. In fact, employee benefit communications can make or break a programme. However, despite this, many organisations and HR professionals are not utilising their communications to best effect. Many organisations begin their employee benefits with a […]

Communication – effective, informative and engaging

If you talk to any Reward Manager they will tell you that they understand the importance of communicating a recognition scheme – after all, if a scheme isn’t communicated, how will anyone know anything about it? But there is a big difference between communication and effective communication. Putting up a poster or sending out a […]