Benefits: considerations that drive employee engagement

Employee disengagement costs organisations billions of pounds every year and directly impacts your bottom line. So it’s no wonder that HR professionals and senior management are asking whether employee benefits will drive an improvement in employee engagement and job satisfaction. Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer, because the answer is, ‘It depends.’ So in this […]

Get in touch with your employees benefit needs

The headlines in the employee benefits media are saying that ‘Employers are dramatically ‘out of touch’ with the needs of their employees.’ MetLife’s fourth Employee Benefits Trends Survey, has found that 46% of employers think their company is a ‘great place to work’, yet this view is only shared by 31% of staff. These trends remain in […]

Do marketing techniques work for employee communications?

Whether it’s an employee benefits scheme or a recognition programme, employee communications are critical to the success of any HR initiative. With more employees becoming dis-engaged and unsatisfied with their jobs, communication about HR programmes makes a real difference and result in: Improved employee engagement Reduced turnover Higher productivity Lower recruitment expenses So is it time you reminded […]