Motivation in the digital workplace

The workplace is changing, and digital technologies are having more and more of an impact. Instead of communicating by email and phone, we’re using instant messaging and communication boards like Slack and conferencing applications such as Skype. Employees collaborate more and teams who are based in different locations can work together in real time. Businesses […]

Are we too obsessed with digital employee communications?

When I first started working in employee benefits and rewards everything was different. Information was sent out on paper and because it was such a manual process there was only ever an annual enrolment period. But today we live in a different world. Changes in the industry, opportunities to incorporate technology and a changing understanding of […]

Do marketing techniques work for employee communications?

Whether it’s an employee benefits scheme or a recognition programme, employee communications are critical to the success of any HR initiative. With more employees becoming dis-engaged and unsatisfied with their jobs, communication about HR programmes makes a real difference and result in: Improved employee engagement Reduced turnover Higher productivity Lower recruitment expenses So is it time you reminded […]

Naked Guns! Eye catching headlines improve employee communications

Following Prince Harry’s recent exploits in LA and Kate Middleton’s revealing images in France, is it true that scandal and gossip motivate people to react?FACT: with headlines like this, the tabloids are sure to get higher newspaper sales and the web is inundated with google searches….. It is evidential that an interesting headline can provoke […]