In The Press: Practical steps to incentivise and fuel innovation in your business

We all see innovation as the Holy Grail for driving a business forward: but what real world steps can be take to ensure this happens? John Sylvester gives some practical pointers to Ideas and innovation turbo charge business growth. More than 70 percent of senior executives believe innovation will be at least one of […]

In The Press: Creating a culture of innovation and making employees’ ideas count

Employees are more engaged if they have a sense of purpose. Recognising ideas that employees have for new products and services or improved organisational process gives them a sense of value and increases engagement. John Sylvester talks to Training Journal about creating an environment that stimulates innovation.   A survey from Deloitte has found that […]

Employee ideas boost continuous improvement programmes

Many organisations focus on continuous improvement as a strategy for growing and developing the business, but it can be a tremendous challenge to keep continuous improvement at the top of employees mind. All too often employees are focused on their day-to-day role and the pressures that brings, rather than thinking about the future.   However, […]

Six tips to improve your employee ideas scheme

Employee ideas schemes, also known as suggestion schemes, can get a bad press. Not undeservedly though. In some organisations the suggestion scheme is limited to a tatty box in the canteen/coffee area. Ideas and suggestions are few and far between, and even when submitted there can often be little or no feedback on whether it […]

Stryker Strikes again with employee engagement!

With business back to normal many organisations are now keen to review their current employee engagement processes. A recent article in HR Zone titled ‘7 Guidelines for Employee Engagement: Lessons from Stryker’ revealed Gallups enterprising new case study on global medical devices company Stryker. The case study illustrated several key principles in running a successful […]