Making the Best Jobs Even Better

There are certain professions where you get job envy when it comes to the perks. Casual dress, big discounts or longer holiday time for workers in other companies can make your staff jealous, but the grass isn’t always greener when jobs come with built in benefits.

The Changing Face Of Work

Just as the way people work in the UK has changed a great deal over the past few decades – a move away from manufacturing to a service-based economy, the proliferation of computer use, and so on – so too has the way people are actually employed changed to match. Zero-hour contracts, an increase in […]

It’s measuring that matters

Incentive programmes are now widely accepted by businesses that want to achieve sales and other goals; however, they are also often questioned about their impact. Proving that your employee incentive programme is delivering a Return on Investment (ROI) can be challenging for HR professionals and programme administrators. How do you, managers and the Board know […]

Motivate with the right rewards

When designing an employee incentive programme to motivate the several generations of employees in the workplace it is important for HR professionals to choose the right reward structure and rewards that will motivate your employees.   Little and often Rather than offering your staff a single grand, high-value reward at the end of you incentive […]

Designing employee incentive programmes to support your goals

If you want to develop a successful incentive programme, then you need to ensure that the programme helps you meet your overall business objectives and acts as a positive reinforce for the behaviours you want your employees to demonstrate.   Set clear objectives Whether you’re starting afresh or re-evaluating an existing programme, you need to […]

Interacting and engaging with your employees

To get the maximum impact from your employee incentive programme you need to interact and engage with your employees. There are two important ways to do this; the first one is through communication and the second way is through gamification.   Communicating your incentive programme I’ve previously written about how communicating your incentive programme effectively […]