Choosing your employees’ employee benefits package

Nearly half of UK workers (48%) don’t think their current employee benefits package is tailored to their needs, according to a new study. The study published by SalaryFinance, surveyed 1,000 UK workers also found that: Less than 4 in 10 workers (38%) have access to flexible working. A quarter (26%) of respondents would prefer flexible […]

5 ways to keep your employees productive

Have you ever read articles by marketing guru, Seth Godin? Although he focuses on marketing, a lot of what he talks about can be related to HR issues: employee engagement, employee retention, and employee productivity. In some of his articles and speeches, he talks about a race to the bottom: an urge by businesses to do […]

The importance of employee engagement to improving productivity

George Osborne has come under fire after his plans for improving the UK’s lagging productivity were attacked by MP’s in a report. His “Productivity Plan” for the UK economy, which was published alongside last July’s Budget, puts the UK’s shortfall in productivity down to factors such as lower investment in equipment by businesses and low […]