Five Affordable Christmas Gifts For Employees

Christmas is the perfect time to show your employees some extra appreciation. The year is coming to a close, people are winding down for the holidays and, on a slightly less cheerful note, money is a little bit tighter, making a little something extra all the more appreciated. Ending the year on a positive note […]

Motivation in the digital workplace

The workplace is changing, and digital technologies are having more and more of an impact. Instead of communicating by email and phone, we’re using instant messaging and communication boards like Slack and conferencing applications such as Skype. Employees collaborate more and teams who are based in different locations can work together in real time. Businesses […]

Double Gold Win for Peugeot and O2’s Incentive and Recognition Programmes

Two of the UK ‘s leading brands, O2 and Peugeot, have been named winners at this year’s Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards. O2’s be brilliant! and Peugeot’s Sales Guild employee incentive and recognition programmes, were both awarded Gold in a glittering ceremony hosted at The Hilton, Park Lane, London. The awards recognise the best […]

How to give up control and improve performance

The traditional view is that that rewarding employees is very simple. You simply reward the behaviour you want and you punish the behaviour you don’t want: it’s a carrot and stick approach to motivation. But if you look into the science, you will find that 50 years of social science about motivation tells us it’s […]

10 Reasons you need a FedEx Day

There’s a fascinating idea out there that is spreading across industries and organisations that contributes to employee motivation. It’s called a ‘FedEx Day.’ Despite the name, it was started by an Australian company called Atlassian, a software company. Once a quarter on Thursday afternoons, Atlassian say to their software developers, “Go and work on anything […]

Be (S)SMART with your recognition programme (part 2)

When it comes to recognition programmes, the primary purpose for most organisations is to motivate employees. This could be to motivate them to go the extra mile, demonstrate behaviour that is in line with your values or deliver results. And recognition can be delivered in numerous ways: Manager-led recognition Peer to peer recognition Social recognition […]