Making the Best Jobs Even Better

There are certain professions where you get job envy when it comes to the perks. Casual dress, big discounts or longer holiday time for workers in other companies can make your staff jealous, but the grass isn’t always greener when jobs come with built in benefits.

Motivate with the right rewards

When designing an employee incentive programme to motivate the several generations of employees in the workplace it is important for HR professionals to choose the right reward structure and rewards that will motivate your employees.   Little and often Rather than offering your staff a single grand, high-value reward at the end of you incentive […]

What businesses can learn from Leicester City’s Premier League title win

They were tipped as relegation candidates at the start of the season back in August 2015, but Leicester City went on to win the Premier League for the first time in their 132-year history this month. What happened at Leicester City isn’t unique to any one business or set of circumstances of a sector – […]

The DISengaged vs the UNengaged employee

A report from Gallup shows that a staggering 63% of employees today are ‘not engaged’ in their jobs and that more than a quarter (24%) are ‘actively disengaged’. Shocking! But these statistics don’t answer a key question on the lips of HR professionals and business leaders across the globe. Can those employees who fall into […]

Guest Blog: 30 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy (infographic)

Employee happiness and well-being is an integral part of any business. Unum’s new infographic offers advice on ways in which employers can ensure they’re doing the best for their employees. The infographic provides tips on everything from how to create a welcoming and creative working environment to how to recognise the needs of the individual.

How to create incentive programs that motivate and engage

With thousands of organisations using incentive programs, it’s no wonder that there are so many articles, white papers and discussions about creating incentives that deliver revenue-related results. But are organisations missing an opportunity by only focusing on sales targets and revenue-related results? I certainly think so. Traditional incentive programs still have a part to play, but should be deployed […]