It’s Time to Spring Clean your Bad Workplace Habits

Do your staff have a tendency to check their work emails out of hours? Eat their lunch at their desks? Work overtime regularly? Then it’s time to clean up your workplace’s bad habits. Employee engagement can really suffer from bad workplace habits such as a competitive culture that involves working through lunches, staying late and […]

Helping your employees save for retirement

Just over a fifth of respondents do not expect to be able to retire until they are in their seventies, according to research by Willis Towers Watson. Its Global benefits attitudes survey, which interviewed UK-based 1,895 workers, also found that employees who expect to work for longer are less healthy, more stressed and less engaged […]

The seven deadly sins of sales incentive programmes

Sales incentive programmes are an excellent way to help your business achieve many business objectives, for example recognising performance, increasing sales, inspiring dealers and channel partners, or encouraging repeat business from customers. But they can also go horribly wrong, as the PPI scandal has demonstrated. If you want to know how to avoid your incentive […]

The business case for employee wellbeing and managing stress

This week sees Stress Awareness Day 2015. The awareness day on the 4th November aims to highlight the importance of workplace wellbeing, because stress is often an unseen and overlooked risk to personal and business health. The issue of stress in the workplace can be a critical one, because if employee stress is not managed appropriately […]

Employees are putting their health at risk due to an epidemic of presenteeism

Nearly a third of employers have reported an increase in people coming to work while they are ill. This is according to the annual CIPD / Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey, which also found that longer hours and focus on operational demands over employee wellbeing are fuelling the increase in presenteeism. The survey of nearly 600 […]

How healthy is your business?

Chronic diseases are on the rise, which means that sooner or later your business will be affected by underperforming employees who come to work when sick, or increasingly stressed employees trying to cover their absent colleagues’ roles. It, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that it’s in your interests to do all you […]