Be (S)SMART with your recognition programme (part 2)

When it comes to recognition programmes, the primary purpose for most organisations is to motivate employees. This could be to motivate them to go the extra mile, demonstrate behaviour that is in line with your values or deliver results. And recognition can be delivered in numerous ways: Manager-led recognition Peer to peer recognition Social recognition […]

Be (S)SMART with your recognition programme (part 1)

Recognition programmes deliver long-term benefits for organisations of all sizes and as such should form part of any business strategy. They create a win-win situation for both employees and employers, employees get appreciation, rewards and public validation, while for employers recognition programmes can:   Improve employee retention Increase productivity Reinforce company culture and values Increase […]

Creating a culture of recognition

Recognising employee performance is one of the best ways to drive desired behaviour changes. It also leads to engaged, satisfied employees, who deliver better customer satisfaction and improved bottom line results. So if you want all these great benefits, how do you create a culture of recognition in your organisation? Here are some tips:   […]