What is meant by employee engagement?

If you Google the phrase “definition of employee engagement” then you’ll come up with thousands of ideas about what employee engagement is. For example: “The emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” Kevin Kruse, Forbes Contributor and NY Times Best Selling Author “An emergent and working condition as a positive cognitive, […]

Are you doing the right things to engage your employees?

In its most recent “State of the American Workplace” report, Gallup Research found that 70% of US workers were either not engaged or were actively disengaged at work. We know that we need to address employee engagement, so perhaps a better question is, “How should we address employee engagement?” Of course, there are no shortage […]

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a high priority for businesses operating in any sector, and as such it’s evolved into a serious business issue that has moved beyond the sole remit of the HR team. While engagement is regularly on the agendas of board meetings, it remains a key challenge for HR professionals who are often charged with improving employee […]

Staff turnover could cost organisations upwards of £63 billion in the next year

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development research suggests that over a third of all workers aim to leave their current employment once the recession has subsided and the job market has been re-ignited. This could leave UK organisations with an unwieldy bill of £63 billion upwards to foot over the next year. With the average cost […]