Employee advocates have never been more important

Employees can be your organisation’s biggest advocates, yet so often this valuable marketing asset is just referred to simply as ‘the people who work for the company’. Employees are one of the most valuable assets an organisation has, but so is its brand. It’s what differentiates it in the market; it’s the promise to customers. […]

Guest Blog: 15 things you can implement today to improve staff happiness

Employee happiness and wellbeing is at the forefront of employers’ concerns with many trying to find new ways to ensure their workforce is content. A happy workforce has the potential to be more productive, invested and efficient, therefore improving the business as a whole. Fortunately there are many ways in which to improve staff happiness, […]

The 2015 Workforce: Generation Z

The workforce of 2015 is more culturally, gender and age diverse than ever before. With many businesses now employing around four generations of workers, it is important to cater to many expectations. Fresh faced Millennial’s are working alongside soon to retire Baby Boomers. By understanding what motivates your employees, you hold the key to providing […]

Get in touch with your employees benefit needs

The headlines in the employee benefits media are saying that ‘Employers are dramatically ‘out of touch’ with the needs of their employees.’ MetLife’s fourth Employee Benefits Trends Survey, has found that 46% of employers think their company is a ‘great place to work’, yet this view is only shared by 31% of staff. These trends remain in […]

Improve Employee Engagement In Your Organisation

How can businesses increase employee engagement? It’s a common question and one that crops up with clients, and potential clients, fairly regularly. Unfortunately there’s no magic bullet, no single answer because before you can improve employee engagement you need to fully understand where to focus your efforts.   Where do you start? Before you start […]

How to improve employee engagement

Engaging employees in your organisation is about developing a business culture that ensures that your employees are committed to your organisation’s values and goals, dedicated to the success of the organisation, and at the same time are happy and have a sense of well-being. Engaged staff offer your organisation a number of benefits such as: Higher […]