Should HR and procurement work together?

Procurement professionals have the skills needed to support the business and help it achieve its vision while HR professionals have the skills to develop an HR strategy that works for the department, whether that’s recruitment, benefits, reward, or training and development. Procurement professionals try to add value to other areas of the business but sometimes […]

What is Human Capital Management?

Employees are the lifeblood of the organisation, your organisation can’t survive if you don’t have them or they are not contributing to its success. That’s why once an organisation reaches a certain size they recruit a HR professional or HR team. Years ago when you mentioned Human Resources the image of the role that was […]

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a high priority for businesses operating in any sector, and as such it’s evolved into a serious business issue that has moved beyond the sole remit of the HR team. While engagement is regularly on the agendas of board meetings, it remains a key challenge for HR professionals who are often charged with improving employee […]

Who owns motivation?

Motivation is a broad subject which means different things for different groups of people within an organisation.  Therefore it probably doesn’t have a natural home.

Getting HR and marketing to work together

When it comes to motivating staff, HR and marketing can learn enormous amounts from each other.  But all too often, they seem to be speaking completely different languages. What’s the best way to get the two to work together to get the best out of staff? Nobody questions whether HR and Marketing should work together; […]