Getting Workplace Gamification Right

When it comes to motivating employees, there’s no one-size fits all solution. Everyone needs different things to feel motivated and engaged in the workplace, so a variety of recognition and rewards is key.

Four tips for reseller incentive schemes

If your business depends on distributors and resellers then engaging them through a reseller incentive programme can help you boost sales, improve your market share, deliver better profit margins or a combination of all of these. Reseller incentives, sometimes known as reseller programmes, are great for industries such as IT, automotive and telecommunications. But to get the […]

Is it time to stop giving your employees incentives?

There’s a school of psychology that says we only ever do anything because of incentives: without incentives we wouldn’t be productive and we wouldn’t achieve anything. This school of thought suggests that our human nature is purely self-interest. It only takes a second or two to realise that this isn’t strictly true, so if we’re […]

How sales incentives can boost motivation and improve productivity

In a competitive business environment the achievement of sales targets is often key to success. Incentivising people to achieve a specific outcome is an ancient practice and it’s commonly understood to be at the heart of human psychology, behavior and our motivation. We use it not just in business but also in everyday life because for the most […]

Closing the incentive gap – delivering what your employees actually want

Ensuring what employees receive for achieving their objectives is relevant, so it is important to find rewards that will motivate your staff. In today’s incentive market there are a vast array of incentives available for employers to use, which are often categorised into the following groups: • Payment Incentives – this can include items such […]

Buzz or Buzz off: How do employees really feel about incentive schemes?

Incentive schemes are usually implemented in a business in order to increase productivity and/or sales. They often reward over-achievement, what many of us call ‘going the extra mile’, and they may provide an element of recognition for a job well done. Many, many organisations believe in the benefits of incentives, especially over cash bonuses, where […]