Busy v Productive Employees

“Work smarter, not harder”: it’s a common cliché. And like most clichés, few people actually do it. Spend time looking around a lot of work places and you’ll soon see that busy employees often outnumber the productive employees. Whether we’re a manager, an employee, or working for ourselves I guarantee that we’ve all had our […]

Happy Boss’s Day!

Well it seems that today is national ‘Boss’s Day’ in the US and Canada. Billed as a time for workers to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year (that did make me chuckle!). I wonder how many line managers in the US can expect a card today or a novelty mug […]

Top 10 tips to build an engaged workforce

An engaged employee is someone who will go that extra mile for your company. Companies with high employee engagement levels grow on average 4.5 times faster than those with low levels*. Engaged employees means lower staff turnover & higher productivity. However, engagement takes work – here are our top tips to help you achieve an engaged workforce. […]