In the press: Boosting profits and staff retention through a shared corporate vision

Motivating staff and building profits are the two main pillars of any successful business: is presenting a shared corporate vision the way to master both? John Sylvester (Director at P&MM) and Victoria Wright (Independent Communications and Engagement Consultant) investigate in Growth Business Magazine.   Many businesses struggle with motivating staff while aligning desired behaviours to […]

Guest Post: How new performance management trends can motivate your staff

The dreaded ‘rank and yank’ approach to performance management, whereby managers score employees and then sack the lowest performers, is rapidly becoming recognised as a deeply flawed system. Instead of motivating employees to be more productive and achieve their work objectives, the rank and yank strategy is notorious for damaging staff morale and causing tension […]

Recognition schemes and the importance of internal business communication

Internal communication is the lifeblood of any business: it’s equally important to control the day-to-day operations of the business, as it is to market the business and its services. Yet in a lot of businesses their internal communications are usually less than ideal. Internal communications can take many forms such as: Notice boards Newsletters Town […]

How to ensure the success of your employee benefits scheme

Employee benefit schemes need to work hard if they are going to reap the rewards of improved staff retention and morale. In a time where an increasing number of employers aren’t seeing their benefits schemes reach their full potential, how can you ensure the success of your HR initiatives in 2014?

Infographic: The role of video in employee communications

Internal communications specialists surveyed by HGA Creative believe that video is excellent for communicating with employees, but few are measuring the tool’s effectiveness or ROI. ‘The Role of Video in Employee Communications,” focuses on how HR, marketing and internal communications professionals are utilising video to communicate ideas, company values and information to their employees.

3 mistakes that will destroy your employee recognition scheme

Employee recognition schemes are usually implemented by HR Teams wanting to attract, motivate and retain talented and productive employees, which of course is key to business success. What drove your business to implement a formal employee recognition scheme may differ from the business next door but generally there are some common themes, such as: Increasing […]