Working Smart: What Can We Learn from Management Theories?

It will come as no surprise that work is an absolutely intrinsic part of modern life. It underpins just about every aspect of our society, from working and earning a living on the personal level, to generating revenue on a company level, work keeps the world spinning. Given that we will spend over a third […]

Guest Blog: Making meaningful employee feedback part of your 2014 organisational plan

Scott Russell is a certified Human Capital Strategist and Regional Manager at Halogen Software covering the UK. Recently, I had lunch with a friend of mine. Amid the savoury smells and sounds of the local Indian restaurant, we talked about current events, life — and work of course. After all, how can you possibly avoid […]

What managers need to know about motivating employees

It’s a constant challenge, motivating employees. There are more books, CDs, videos, workshops, seminars and articles than you or I could ever hope to digest on how to get employees to do what their manager wants. But for most managers, it’s a puzzle that they never fully solve during their working lives.   What is […]

Improve employee retention through better management

How often have you been chatting to a friend, asked them why they left their last job and received a response along the lines of “I needed more of a challenge” or “I outgrew the position”? My guess would be not often. Far more likely is for your friend to state “I couldn’t work with […]

Show them who’s Boss!

The recent release of the Warner Brothers movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ showed both a hilarious and dramatic portrayal of the daily trials and tribulations employees experience with particular bosses. Excluding the Hollywood glamour and exaggerated storylines, research from online bank First Direct revealed that over 7 million UK workers have moved jobs in an attempt to […]