Working Smart: What Can We Learn from Management Theories?

It will come as no surprise that work is an absolutely intrinsic part of modern life. It underpins just about every aspect of our society, from working and earning a living on the personal level, to generating revenue on a company level, work keeps the world spinning. Given that we will spend over a third […]

Benefits: considerations that drive employee engagement

Employee disengagement costs organisations billions of pounds every year and directly impacts your bottom line. So it’s no wonder that HR professionals and senior management are asking whether employee benefits will drive an improvement in employee engagement and job satisfaction. Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer, because the answer is, ‘It depends.’ So in this […]

What do rewards mean to your employees?

The motivation of your workforce is clearly an important factor when it comes to the overall performance of your organisation. Almost every organisation wants it’s employees to work harder, deliver more and be more flexible. Whilst reward programmes can deliver this, the link between reward and motivation is complex.   The most important asset We all […]