Recognising, Rewarding and Motivating Millennials

How do you solve a problem like millennials? Those lazy, entitled narcissists – they’re needy, and lack resilience. They’re uncreative and don’t work hard enough. They need constant praise, or they’ll just give up. So what do you do when your workforce is mostly made up of Generation Y echo boomers, otherwise known as Generation […]

How to attract more Millennials to your workforce

Despite the huge number of Millennials in today’s workforce, retaining them can be difficult. But Millennials are now the biggest generation in the workforce, and it’s this generation that will be responsible for driving your organisation forward. Hiring and retaining Millennials is crucial to your business development plans. Here are 5 ways to recruit into your […]

How to drive better engagement among Millennials

The workplace is a different environment from what it was even just a decade ago. Organisations had employee engagement strategies and policies that addressed the workforce as one homogenous group without any differentiation for the different generations that worked for them. But now that strategy simply doesn’t work and senior management and HR professionals have […]