News: Organisations need to drive better Health and Safety recognition practices in the workplace

P&MM has released a new guide to reveal workable strategies for driving better health and safety practice in the workplace through advanced reward and recognition techniques, titled, ‘An advanced guide to health and safety recognition in the workplace’. Figures for Great Britain (2014/15) show that 611,000 injuries occurred at work – and this is costing […]

News: P&MM ‘Staff Appreciation Audit’ reveals positive trend in employee recognition

Employers have capitalised on ‘good will’ at the start of 2016 by better recognising staff for their efforts, according to findings from a new P&MM survey. The survey was conducted among 1,435 employees across 52 UK organisations between January and February 2016. It revealed that 87 percent of staff felt appreciated by their colleagues and […]

News: Workforce analysis reveals staff retention rates improve by nearly 4 years when employee efforts are recognised

P&MM has released findings from analysis it has conducted of companies operating a formal employee recognition programme. The data reveals that employers can expect to gain nearly four years length of service when the good work undertaken by an individual employee has been recognised by their manager or a colleague. The P&MM audit was based […]

News: Siemens ‘Champions’ employee recognition across a European network

P&MM has helped Siemens in a long-term journey toward excellence in employee recognition. Over recent years Siemens has devoted its efforts to ensure that their values, approach and culture are embedded into the UK Siemens culture. Recognising and rewarding employees is an important part of this and driving behaviours that demonstrate company values. Therefore a […]

News: Survey reveals 79% of employees don’t know where to log a Health and Safety concern

P&MM has conducted a survey across 52 organisations between October and November 2015 into Health and Safety at Work suggests there is a significant gap between workplace policies and procedures and what staff actually know. Participants were asked ‘Do you know where to log a Health and Safety concern at work?’ Worryingly the majority of […]

News: P&MM video guides kick start Employee Recognition and Channel Incentive programmes

P&MM has released a two part video guide to help organisations understand the best way to implement an employee recognition programme and a channel incentive programme. The video guides, hosted by Kuljit Kaur, Reward and Recognition Specialist at P&MM, include: Employee recognition programmes to help build engagement: This guide looks at what organisations should consider […]