Recognising University Staff All Year Round

Happy staff who feel valued are important to any organisation- and universities are no different. More than ever University staff are the key to ensuring students bums stay on seats and institution fulfil promises and avoid churn.

Motivation in the digital workplace

The workplace is changing, and digital technologies are having more and more of an impact. Instead of communicating by email and phone, we’re using instant messaging and communication boards like Slack and conferencing applications such as Skype. Employees collaborate more and teams who are based in different locations can work together in real time. Businesses […]

New year, improved team through better use of technology

Traditionally the start of the year is the time when managers and HR professionals review their teams and their abilities to perform the tasks needed to deliver organisational goals for the year ahead. For organisations to be successful they need to address a number of key areas: employee diversity, employee engagement, and employee collaboration. They need […]

Five golden rules for effective peer to peer recognition

Peer recognition is a major factor in encouraging employees to go the extra mile at work. Effective peer to peer recognition programmes have many benefits for organisations, which includes raising employee job satisfaction, morale and engagement. That’s why so many organisations are actively developing and implementing a peer to peer recognition programme.   If you want […]

Who keeps your employees engaged?

A peer to peer recognition programme can have a positive impact on your employee engagement levels as well as boosting motivation and productivity.

Infographic: The importance of employee recognition

How important is employee recognition to your business? Take a look at our infographic below to find out!