In The Press: Creating a culture of innovation and making employees’ ideas count

Employees are more engaged if they have a sense of purpose. Recognising ideas that employees have for new products and services or improved organisational process gives them a sense of value and increases engagement. John Sylvester talks to Training Journal about creating an environment that stimulates innovation.   A survey from Deloitte has found that […]

Guest Post: How new performance management trends can motivate your staff

The dreaded ‘rank and yank’ approach to performance management, whereby managers score employees and then sack the lowest performers, is rapidly becoming recognised as a deeply flawed system. Instead of motivating employees to be more productive and achieve their work objectives, the rank and yank strategy is notorious for damaging staff morale and causing tension […]

What makes a great mentor?

To be a great mentor you need to efficiently manage workloads and employees; as well as ensure deadlines are achieved with great outputs by providing essential training and guidance along the way. A recent report showed that 85% of Generation Y interns expect to be monitored through their experience. They expect mentorship to be meaningful, […]

Anatomy of an engaged employee

Organisations that engage with their employees will be more successful and profitable than employers who don’t. Low employee engagement may not be as tangible as other KPIs, but it can harm your business. This can be seen through factors such as high absenteeism and staff turnover, as well as poor staff satisfaction levels expressed in […]

The difference between an average employee and a great one

We’ve all come across those employees who do the bare minimum possible in order to perform their jobs. They come into work just about on time, then in the evening they’re out the office bang on time and not a second later. They sit around in meetings not contributing anything, and often look as if […]

Does staying in a job longer improve performance?

Every business wants to improve the performance and productivity of its employees but will you get more out of your employees if they stay in one role or should you encourage them to change roles within your organisation? On the face of it, it seems that encouraging your employees to stay in one role should […]