In the press: Driving health and safety at work through peer recognition

Health and safety regulatory requirements affect every workplace to varying degrees, but many employees are not making the connection between policies and good practice in their daily workflow. John Sylvester talks to Practice Management magazine about the benefits of peer recognition in promoting a safe workplace.   A recent study found that 79% of employees […]

In the press: What tips can HR extract from marketing professionals to boost employee engagement?

Getting internal communications right is a pressing issue for HR professionals, particularly when it comes to driving better uptake of employee benefits schemes with the aim of creating higher levels of employee engagement. HR departments who are tapping into marketing techniques are seeing most success.   The world of marketing has evolved rapidly with the […]

In the press: Boosting profits and staff retention through a shared corporate vision

Motivating staff and building profits are the two main pillars of any successful business: is presenting a shared corporate vision the way to master both? John Sylvester (Director at P&MM) and Victoria Wright (Independent Communications and Engagement Consultant) investigate in Growth Business Magazine.   Many businesses struggle with motivating staff while aligning desired behaviours to […]

In The Press: Creating a culture of innovation and making employees’ ideas count

Employees are more engaged if they have a sense of purpose. Recognising ideas that employees have for new products and services or improved organisational process gives them a sense of value and increases engagement. John Sylvester talks to Training Journal about creating an environment that stimulates innovation.   A survey from Deloitte has found that […]

In The Press: A Customer Is Not Just For Christmas

Just over a fifth of organisations (22%) rank customer experience as the single most exciting opportunity for the year ahead, according to a recent global survey of more than 6,000 marketers and internet professionals. 78% of companies agreed that they would be trying to differentiate through customer experience. John Sylvester talks to Customer Experience Magazine, […]

In The Press: Creating and maintaining an engaged Generation Y workforce

In a job market that is providing younger employees, in particular, with increasing flexibility to jump ship, why are so many organisations failing to talk to Generation Y (Gen Y) in the language they understand? It is that shortcoming which is resulting in poor retention rates amongst younger employees. John Sylvester discusses with Strategic HR […]