5 ways to increase employee productivity

Employees’ discretionary effort’ has fallen significantly in the last quarter, according to CEB’s quarterly Global Talent Monitor report. That means that now less than two employees in 10 is going the extra mile, helping their colleagues with tasks, putting themselves forward for extra work or looking for ways to improve how they do their jobs. […]

10 ways to keep your employees motivated during the Rugby World Cup

The excitement is building, soon the Rugby World Cup kicks off with England v Fiji and lasts until the end of October. Like the Football World Cup, fans around the globe are waiting with baited breath for the matches and employers see the potential for distractions in the workplace as employees try to follow updates […]

Guest Post: Why you’re not too busy to take a lunch break

These days, stopping for lunch has become synonymous with not having enough to do. Too many hardworking employees are skipping lunch, often claiming it’s to avoid staying late. In reality, increased stress and reduced energy – caused by working through lunch – will make you less productive than taking at least twenty minutes away from […]

Boosting productivity with gamification

If your organisation is looking to boost productivity then improving employee engagement can have a positive impact on your bottom line. According to analysis of 1.4 million employees conducted by the Gallup Organisation, organisations with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity.   What is employee engagement? I prefer simple rather than scientific […]

The DISengaged vs the UNengaged employee

A report from Gallup shows that a staggering 63% of employees today are ‘not engaged’ in their jobs and that more than a quarter (24%) are ‘actively disengaged’. Shocking! But these statistics don’t answer a key question on the lips of HR professionals and business leaders across the globe. Can those employees who fall into […]

The benefits of team building activities

Over the few years there’s been a sea of change, with businesses moving away from competitive work environments to workplaces where collaboration and co-operation between staff is seen as the key to success. As part of this change more and more companies are undertaking regular team building activities. These activities can range from a short, problem-solving activity […]