Making the Best Jobs Even Better

There are certain professions where you get job envy when it comes to the perks. Casual dress, big discounts or longer holiday time for workers in other companies can make your staff jealous, but the grass isn’t always greener when jobs come with built in benefits.

In the press: Boosting profits and staff retention through a shared corporate vision

Motivating staff and building profits are the two main pillars of any successful business: is presenting a shared corporate vision the way to master both? John Sylvester (Director at P&MM) and Victoria Wright (Independent Communications and Engagement Consultant) investigate in Growth Business Magazine.   Many businesses struggle with motivating staff while aligning desired behaviours to […]

The DISengaged vs the UNengaged employee

A report from Gallup shows that a staggering 63% of employees today are ‘not engaged’ in their jobs and that more than a quarter (24%) are ‘actively disengaged’. Shocking! But these statistics don’t answer a key question on the lips of HR professionals and business leaders across the globe. Can those employees who fall into […]

Employee engagement: leadership matters

Some of the biggest challenges for businesses, such as retaining people, improving productivity, reducing absence, and finding better ways to do things, can be more easily achieved when people are actively engaged. I believe that, engaging your staff in your business has the ability to become your biggest competitive differentiator. Organisations with high employee engagement […]

Does employee engagement really matter?

In difficult economic times, people will often take any job they’re able to get. They don’t consider whether or not the job enables them to take a step towards fulfilling their long term career goals, nor whether the position matches their skill set and character. Now add into the equation employers who believe that employees […]

Five ways to become a staff motivation expert

A lot of managers consider themselves to be experts in the area of staff motivation. This is because we are all employees of one type or another and so we believe that everyone feels the same way that we do. However, the discipline is actually a subtle mixture of art and science. It focuses primarily on […]