Making the Best Jobs Even Better

There are certain professions where you get job envy when it comes to the perks. Casual dress, big discounts or longer holiday time for workers in other companies can make your staff jealous, but the grass isn’t always greener when jobs come with built in benefits.

Motivate with the right rewards

When designing an employee incentive programme to motivate the several generations of employees in the workplace it is important for HR professionals to choose the right reward structure and rewards that will motivate your employees.   Little and often Rather than offering your staff a single grand, high-value reward at the end of you incentive […]

5 ways to increase employee productivity

Employees’ discretionary effort’ has fallen significantly in the last quarter, according to CEB’s quarterly Global Talent Monitor report. That means that now less than two employees in 10 is going the extra mile, helping their colleagues with tasks, putting themselves forward for extra work or looking for ways to improve how they do their jobs. […]

What’s keeping HR professionals awake at night?

It’s 10 pm: you’ve survived the commute to and from work, meetings, emails, making dinner and perhaps done some exercise. You should be relaxing after your hectic day, but you can’t quite relax. Your mind is ticking over and reliving parts of your working day and you’re wondering what tomorrow will bring. It’s a situation […]

Surprise, surprise! Unexpected rewards deliver surprisingly positive results

Have you ever had a surprise reward? It’s a great feeling! Getting bumped up to first class free of charge or that money off voucher with your weekly shop, it leaves you with a positive warm glow for the rest of the day. Surprise rewards, also known as surprise and delight tactics, make our experience feel more […]

Cash is an ineffective long-term motivator (the wage debate)

As part of C&IT magazine’s debate on whether rising wages will intensify the battle for the best events talent, John Sylvester gives his views. “As the economy begins to recover employees have become more confident about looking for new career opportunities, in fact, one in three is actively looking right now, so encouraging staff to […]