Out of the Comfort Zone: Five Ways to Use Travel and Events as Part of an Incentives Programme

It’s true what they say about travel – it’s a fantastic way to broaden the mind, experience something new, and just get away from it all for a while. Using the power of travel, or even just a special occasion closer to home, is a fantastic way to provide staff – whether it’s your own […]

The importance of getting the customer journey right

New car sales reached an all-time high in Britain in 2015 as improving consumer confidence, wage growth and low-interest finance deals from manufacturers boosted the market, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which provided the figures. In addition to the record performance in 2015, the market is due to get even […]

The problem with financial incentives

When the financial crisis hit in 2007 and with the recent scandals in PPI insurances; it became apparent that there was a serious issue with the incentive programmes financial institutions were using. CEOs and sales people were getting big bonuses for achieving short-term performance goal, but this ultimately proved disastrous. Not only for the financial […]

Developing a great channel incentives programme

Offering financial rewards, trips abroad and expensive prizes are regular ways to incentivise channel partners to meet, and exceed, sales targets and other related goals. However, with better management and benchmarking of channel incentive programmes, and in particular better tracking of results, many marketing and HR professionals are starting to reconsider short-term incentive programmes. Recently […]

Ten tips for developing a successful sales culture

Excellence is a habit. To have a successful sales team you need to have a culture that encourages success. Unfortunately too many businesses try to grow sales by piling the pressure on their sales team. If the right culture isn’t in place it’s not surprising that as a result sales teams can become experts at […]

How to modernise automotive sales incentives (SlideShare)

Despite what you might have been told, old school ‘carrot and stick’ incentives with cash as a motivator just don’t work anymore. The following presentation explores how to modernise sales incentives in an automotive environment.  Measuring automotive success has become so much more than simply looking at sales figures achieved. In the age of employee engagement, factors […]