Choosing your employees’ employee benefits package

Nearly half of UK workers (48%) don’t think their current employee benefits package is tailored to their needs, according to a new study. The study published by SalaryFinance, surveyed 1,000 UK workers also found that: Less than 4 in 10 workers (38%) have access to flexible working. A quarter (26%) of respondents would prefer flexible […]

News: Workforce analysis reveals staff retention rates improve by nearly 4 years when employee efforts are recognised

P&MM has released findings from analysis it has conducted of companies operating a formal employee recognition programme. The data reveals that employers can expect to gain nearly four years length of service when the good work undertaken by an individual employee has been recognised by their manager or a colleague. The P&MM audit was based […]

The seven deadly sins of sales incentive programmes

Sales incentive programmes are an excellent way to help your business achieve many business objectives, for example recognising performance, increasing sales, inspiring dealers and channel partners, or encouraging repeat business from customers. But they can also go horribly wrong, as the PPI scandal has demonstrated. If you want to know how to avoid your incentive […]

How to Keep Employees Engaged During a Period of Change

Change can be a difficult prospect for many people and understandably so. When changes involve people’s livelihoods and in turn their home life, there’s a lot at stake and it is a situation which should be handled with care. During a period of change in the workplace, be it through new leadership, an acquisition, integration […]

Guest Post: How Reducing Staff Turnover Helps to Build a Successful Business

If you were put in the position of doing just one thing you believe is critical to the success of your business, what would it be? Answer that question in the privacy of your own mind. Now, we want to challenge you with an idea that may never have occurred to you: reducing staff turnover […]

Why staff retention is paramount

The leading job site and global hiring resource, Indeed, has released research revealing the scale and economic impact of unfilled vacancies on the UK economy. According to the research unfilled vacancies are costing the UK economy a staggering £18 billon per year. As the UK economy and labour market grows we are seeing falling unemployment […]