Out of the Comfort Zone: Five Ways to Use Travel and Events as Part of an Incentives Programme

It’s true what they say about travel – it’s a fantastic way to broaden the mind, experience something new, and just get away from it all for a while. Using the power of travel, or even just a special occasion closer to home, is a fantastic way to provide staff – whether it’s your own […]

Festive Period Planning: It’s Never Too Early

When do you start planning for the holidays? The week before? A few months in advance? Or do you start planning for next Christmas the moment this Christmas is over? We’re of the view that it’s never too early to start planning for the festive period – not for organisations trying to keep their employees […]

Motivate with the right rewards

When designing an employee incentive programme to motivate the several generations of employees in the workplace it is important for HR professionals to choose the right reward structure and rewards that will motivate your employees.   Little and often Rather than offering your staff a single grand, high-value reward at the end of you incentive […]

Making the most of your Christmas rewards

Christmas rewards are one of the year’s biggest opportunities for employers to say thank you to their employees, make the most of it.

NHS reward and recognition – Please them with thank you’s

More than half of today’s NHS workforce is ready to leave their job. Nearly a third of staff (29.8%) are actively looking to change jobs within the year and 28.9% of NHS staff are considering a new post. We spoke to Practice Management Magazine about what can be done to improve the situation in our […]

Developing a Customer-Centric Culture

We all would like employees who are happy and engaged whilst at work. Happy and engaged employees are not only a pleasure to manage but they deliver a much better customer experience than employees who are just turning up and working to the clock. You may not know this but customers don’t care about a […]