News: Workforce analysis reveals staff retention rates improve by nearly 4 years when employee efforts are recognised

P&MM has released findings from analysis it has conducted of companies operating a formal employee recognition programme. The data reveals that employers can expect to gain nearly four years length of service when the good work undertaken by an individual employee has been recognised by their manager or a colleague. The P&MM audit was based […]

Guest Post: How Reducing Staff Turnover Helps to Build a Successful Business

If you were put in the position of doing just one thing you believe is critical to the success of your business, what would it be? Answer that question in the privacy of your own mind. Now, we want to challenge you with an idea that may never have occurred to you: reducing staff turnover […]

How much does staff turnover really cost you?

Get a group of HR professionals in s room, and you’ll often hear them talking about the high costs associated with staff turnover. But just how high are they? According to new research staff turnover costs British companies at least £4.13bn every year as new employees take up to eight months to reach optimum productivity […]

High staff turnover is bad for business

New research from Robert Half UK shows that a voluntary turnover in UK businesses has increased. The survey, which polled 200 HR Directors, found that 49%, nearly half, of UK HR Directors say that employee resignations are on the rise, a sign that signifies greater employee confidence in the UK job market.

News: Survey reveals that 7 out of 10 NHS staff feel undervalued

The Voucher Shop, P&MM’s dedicated voucher and gift card division, has conducted a first of its kind survey looking at the level of staff motivation within the NHS. Findings showed that seven out of ten staff feel undervalued in their current role and further six out of ten staff are actively looking for a new […]

Traditional approaches to staff retention may no longer be enough

We’re starting to see signs that economy may be inching its way towards recovery. Whilst this is good news for businesses it can also bring challenges, particularly with regards to staff retention. As employees start to feel more confident about the economy they often consider looking elsewhere for fresh opportunities, particularly if they’re dissatisfied with […]