In the press: Boosting profits and staff retention through a shared corporate vision

Motivating staff and building profits are the two main pillars of any successful business: is presenting a shared corporate vision the way to master both? John Sylvester (Director at P&MM) and Victoria Wright (Independent Communications and Engagement Consultant) investigate in Growth Business Magazine.   Many businesses struggle with motivating staff while aligning desired behaviours to […]

Is your company falling into the engagement abyss?

Employee engagement is fast becoming one of the most critical challenges that businesses and HR teams need to address.   What is employee engagement? Employee engagement means different things in different organisations, for example organisations may define engagement with regards to: Job satisfaction Employee loyalty Productivity Behaviours displayed by employees whilst at work I believe […]

Utilising reward & recognition to reinforce brand values

Corporate branding is vital in any organisation, it’s what differentiates you from the competition. To be successful, corporate branding requires consistency between how management define the brand, what their employees believe about the brand, and how their clients perceive the organisation. Do your employees understand what your company values are? They should do – they […]