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Gone are the days where you would queue in Starbucks waiting to hear your ‘Double shot skinny caramel latte’ being yelled across the store signalling you to collect it. The coffee mogul has now reformed their customer service (according to a recent article in Call Centre focus titled ‘Personal is best’). Instead of referring to their customers by their caffeine requirements they are now addressing them by their names.

Starbucks have challenged the impersonal nature of consumer transactions which they have adopted for many years and want their customer’s to not feel like another number; they want them to feel valued. Call Centre Focus carried out focus groups with the Top 50 call centres for customer service and revealed that two of the key issues which frequently came up are reliability and personalised service. Referring to customers by a product name/number can increase their anxiety, decrease their confidence in purchasing and can influence their buying behaviour.

Due to the increasing consumer demand for recognition and personalised service, many companies are now tailoring their offering to their customers. Over 75% of retail consumers are demanding a personal service and 66% of consumers think that stores with loyalty programmes should deliver a more tailored approach.

It is crucial for any reward and recognition programme to provide employees with the opportunity to personalise their rewards . Allowing your employees to upload a photo of themselves for their User ID is a great way to make staff feel personally involved and recognised across the company. Reward and recognition programmes which enable employees to personally choose the design and messaging of E-cards and E-thank you’s help to reinforce the value of the recognition on offer.

We have found that providing your staff with the opportunity to personalise their recognition helps to increase engagement and employee participation, so make sure yours has that extra personal touch!

Sophia Tirelli

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