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As stated in last week’s blog, retaining top talent is a must for 2012 however; first you have to find it!
The recent release of the box office hit ‘Headhunters’ tells the tales of ultimate recruitment manager Roger Brown. Despite the fact that the film is a violent cat and mouse thriller, underneath the Hollywood spectacle lies an issue which is facing many employees this year, management recruitment.
A recent article in the Guardian titled ‘A Headhunters view on Headhunters’ skimmed over the movies special effects and theatrical nature to reiterate the fact that Browns character is a “skilled interviewer, good at drawing out a person’s personality and asking all about their interests outside work. All too often, people end up getting hired for their skills and fired for their attitude.”
Supporting The Guardians outlook on management recruitment issues a recent article in Personnel Today titled ‘Skills shortage and low salaries making it difficult to recruit managers’ highlights the fact there are not enough skilled candidates for the copious amounts of management roles across the nation. The recent survey carried out by the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) revealed that 56% of employers are experiencing problems recruiting managers (a 10% increase on last year). The CMI study uncovered that the top reason for management recruitment problems was the lack of candidates with specialised skills which received 80% of the respondents vote and 57% stated that the financial shortage in terms of not being able to provide attractive salaries is the second reason.

It was revealed that 1 manager in every 10 resigned from their jobs over the past year and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills estimated that by 2020 the UK needs 544,000 new managers. As financial incentives and generous bonuses may not be an option for many companies the need to concentrate on non fiscal methods of attracting, rewarding and retaining employees has never been stronger.

Ensuring your company provides the right package of employee benefits, rewards and motivational offering is vital to attracting top talent this year. Review and refresh your employee benefit programmes according to your employee’s current needs. Enabling your employees to select rewards and benefits that suit their lifestyle is a key attribute many companies forget when promoting their companies benefits to potential employees.

Don’t let high flying candidates pass you by this year, ensure your benefits are still attractive to potential managers. Making sure your company is prepared in terms of successfully promoting its non fiscal motivators and benefit packages to potential candidates will increase your prospects of recruiting highly skilled managers.
One famous quote stated that
“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”


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